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Updated: Feb 5, 2018

Hello and welcome to my world of writing and photography. Having lived in Whistler, British Columbia since 2001 I've had the opportunity to live and play in the mountains. An ingrained love of action sports and beautiful landscapes has made the Coast Mountains an incredible place to call home.

I've always love taking photos, from a Kodak 110 to a 35mm point and shoot, it was my goal to capture and save as many memories as possible. Once I moved west from Ontario I graduated to slide film and a full manual SLR. In 2008 my first photograph was published in Mountain Life Magazine and I was hooked, I wanted to shoot and share more. After that I spent a few years focused on mountain biking, working as the Editor/Content Director of a start up cycling site, and then some freelance shooting and writing with other websites. Mountain biking took me to Vegas, The Sea Otter Classic, World Champs and of course Crankworx Whistler in my backyard as well as a year following the BC Cup circuit.

After spending all my time focused on mountain biking in 2012 I started to branch out, taking opportunities to shoot other sports like skateboarding, moto, 4x4 rallies and of course my favourite....snowmobiling. In the fall of 2011 I started a freeride sled site, and from there started building a network of outlets to write and shoot for. Finally here was a place I could start building a reputation for my photography and writing that was not filled with established professionals. It doesn't hurt that mountain sledding is an amazing sport/lifestyle and the landscape we play in is one of the most beautiful you can imagine.

If you are in need of editorial/advertising photos, would like to work together or book a shoot you can contact me at