• Matthew Mallory

RIP Luke Rohde

That big goofy’s what is etched in my memory more than anything. Luke always had that goofy grin plastered across his face and it was infectious, when he was around you couldn’t help but be in a great mood. It’s the permanently happy-go-lucky attitude that had him making friends everywhere and I would wager that most walked away feeling like they were best buds after only a day. Luke was a special one and that’s why getting the message that he had passed away floored me.

The last time I saw Luke was December 3rd, almost five years to the day to the first time we met in person. To bring things full circle both times were with Ethan Taylor. Like the first time we met the boys had made the trek up to shred early season Whistler pow. In an effort to make the drive easier they chose to wait out the bumper to bumper traffic leaving town on a Sunday night. We downed a couple beers with dinner, made plans to get out and shred/shoot photos, and laughed a lot. We’d made these plans every year, now and then we did get out for a rip but as often as not we didn’t. Now it’s not going to happen and I’m finding that to be a very hard thing to process.

I’m convinced that everyone who hung out with Luke has a story, he was so happy and stoked you just couldn’t help but catch it and have the best day ever. On his sled he was like the Energizer Bunny, the dude just didn’t stop. Always zipping this way and that, over here, over there, just go, go, go. My story with Luke was a shared tow out with Ryan Miller’s sled. We were hauling ass up the Gas Drop slope, Luke tied off to one ski and me to the other. Things were getting squirrelly as we bounced off each other at forty miles an hour. I was worried one of us was going to slip a leg between the sleds and have it chopped off, then I notice that Luke is laughing his ass off and having the time of his life.

While some of us in the group were getting tired, hangry and experiencing a dip in spirits Luke was smiling the whole time. And that inexhaustible stoke was what sticks out in my mind. He was a legend and one amazing, awesome human, RIP buddy.