• Matthew Mallory

Out There with Cody McNolty & Jorli Ricker

There’s nothing like a long, technical ride into a zone to weed people out, toss on a thirty plus pound pack and it’s a recipe for fatigue. When you get through the sidehills and creek-beds to the subalpine and it appears that you are the first crew to hit up the area this season then it becomes worth it.

The plan had been to hit up another spot but with little snow and a lot of sun over the previous week that plan changed. It was decided in the morning where we were going, a consensus that was made before the guys left Squamish. I was a little nervous but figured what the hell, the shots would be worth it and I was stoked to be finally getting out with Cody McNolty.

Once we had popped up out of the creek it was immediately apparent why Jorli had chosen this zone to ride. I have shot Jorli Ricker several times now and could see how the rolling terrain was right up his alley. Immediately the guys started zipping around looking for features to play on. There were hips, whips, re-entries, and a badass transfer hit that fired the guys about fifteen feet off the deck and fifty or sixty feet to a landing on their left. There were not many shots of sleds on snow taken, Cody and Jorli love their airtime and this was their perfect playground.

With the sun starting to set the fellas found something truly large and amazing. No they didn’t hit it up, with the sun setting it just wasn’t the right time. Cody and Mr. Ricker spent a lot of time on top of it figuring out their take-off’s and I am just hoping that when conditions and time line-up that I am available to shoot it.